Maradona's ex-doctor affirms that his death was preventable

Maradona's ex-doctor affirms that his death was preventable
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6 February 2021
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While the investigations on whether there was medical negligence are advancing today, the Argentinean doctor Alfredo Cahe, who treated Diego Armando Maradona for more than three decades, affirmed that his death was avoidable.

Cahe gave a statement before the team of prosecutors of the Buenos Aires city of San Isidro, who are investigating the case, coordinated by Attorney General John Broyad, and integrated by his deputies Patricio Ferrari and Cosme Iribarren, and the prosecutor Laura Capra.

In stating his criteria, the man who was Maradona's family doctor between 1978 and 2009, pointed out that according to the autopsy results, his death was caused by heart and kidney failure. This result was totally avoidable with proper monitoring and control, he said.

According to the statement, to which the news agency Telam had access from sources close to the file, Cahe specified that a patient like 'Pelusa' 'had to have a permanent medical control'.

On the other hand, he considered that the house in San Andres de Tigre, where Maradona was confined after the postoperative procedure he underwent due to a subdural hematoma, 'was the least indicated, because he should be in intensive care with neurosurgeons and therapists control, with constant and continuous heart control. It was the only option,' he said.

The doctor added that due to Maradona's heart condition, who died last November, he had to be monitored every day, every four to six hours at the most.

This week the psychiatrist of the also called 'El Pibe de Oro,' Agustina Cosachov, was charged for the second time for falsifying a certificate on the mental health of the great soccer star.

The doctor, investigated as well as the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, now faces the crime of 'ideological falsehood,' contemplated in article 293 of the Penal Code, which provides for a penalty of up to six years of imprisonment.

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