Lula denounces chaos created by Bolsonaro in Brazil

Lula denounces chaos created by Bolsonaro in Brazil
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28 February 2021
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva denounced that the utter chaos and tragedy imposed by Bolsonaro's government currently makes the situation in Brazil unsustainable.


It is necessary to create antagonism to an administrative project that is against the people and leads to the destruction of Brazil, Lula assured during an interview with journalist Luis Nassif, of the GGN website.

'It is not possible to continue with a genocidal government like this one... saying that it is not possible to wear a facemask. Bolsonaro does not take into account that on Thursday there were 1,582 deaths from Covid-19. For the president, those deaths are worthless,' the founder of the Workers' Party pointed out.

Lula recalled that the former military 'maintains a Minister of Health (former General Eduardo Pazuello) who understands less about health and logistics. He promises vaccines, but he does not have any because he has not asked for them.'

The leader stressed the importance of the Unified Healthcare System and regretted the dismantling of a vaccination network which, during his government (2003-2011), was a source of world pride.

The former head of State expressed his conviction that Brazil is going through a war and compared the health crisis caused by Covid-19 to a conflict scenario.

For Lula, it is time to fight to restore democracy and recover the self-esteem of the Brazilian population, bringing to the defenseless people the hope that it is possible to build the future with a country project.

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