Life of Camagüeyan Child Saved After Harpooned in Abdomen

Life of Camagüeyan Child Saved After Harpooned in Abdomen
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6 March 2024
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An unusual event disrupted the February 29 shift of Dr. Niurys Aguilar Ramírez when she received Henry Cristian, a 13-year-old boy with a harpoon in his abdominal region compromising his life, at Eduardo Agramonte Piña Pediatric Hospital in this city.

Without wasting a second, according to the first-degree specialist in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, they activated the emergency work team and everyone gave their best and made the procedure a success.

Four hours and 15 minutes later in the operating room of the aforementioned hospital center, where a group of angels in white coats made the impossible, the miracle.

Another of the participants in that challenge was Dayannelis Aguilar Atanay, a second-degree specialist in pediatric surgery, who assured that since the child arrived at the ER, he was very well handled by the emergency service and anesthesiologists who worked with agility and professionalism for the replacement of volume.

When we reviewed the abdomen, he said, we found that he had an intestinal injury and a vascular injury, in the lower cava vein, which is an important vessel that compromised the patient's life and we had to request the specialists from the Manuel Ascunce Domenech Provincial Hospital who came quickly, Therefore, we are sure that the result we show today is the fruit of the efforts of many people.

One of the doctors who attended was the angiologist Raúl Romay Buitrago, who acknowledged in conversation with the Cuban News Agency, the complexity of the surgery and the positive results they had for having clear concepts of urgency and teamwork, just like that Lives are saved, he stressed.

Although anesthesiologist Georgina Sánchez Andújar has more than 27 years of experience, cases like this never cease to impact her.

We perform a large-scale damage control surgery because the most important thing at that moment is to save the patient's life, where transfusions are given and volume replacement has to be vigorous for the patient to survive, and in this case it was 75%, Sánchez reported.

The young Daimel Rodríguez Lugones, head of the Anesthesiology service, added that they were as support in the face of a large-scale event and his surprise was great when he met a very conservative child who cooperated with the anesthesia interview and who luckily did not move the foreign object logged in his body to avoid further complications.

He added that at all times they had the necessary materials to carry out their work such as plasmas, platelets, albumins and they managed to keep his vital parameters stable, a super strong adolescent who recovered every 30 minutes, several vein accesses were channeled and large vessels were repaired. blood vessels and small intestine.

For Taimí Cardoso Sánchez, mother of Henry Cristian, her heart has been beating faster five days ago. Receiving the call that would change the minute, the hour, the day has been, in her words, a bitter experience where her worries and torments are diminished by the care received.

I thank all the staff for their careful attention, they ask every moment how he feels, seeing him recover is a great satisfaction, I trust the doctors and nurses who have saved my son's life, expressed that mother from Camagüey.

Today Henry talks and smiles, he says that he placed the harpoon he made himself on a street lighting pole to take a photo and it shot itself.

He had never shot himself!, he says, at the same time that he assures that he will never touch one again.

In the history of pediatric medicine it should be noted that in a leap year in Camagüey the heroes of Cuban health performed a true feat.

Henry's evolution is favorable, soon he will go to play, to study to fulfill his dreams, wherever he goes he will carry a scar that will remind him of a sad moment, but full of memories where brave hands put their knowledge, professionalism and love to give back the most valuable thing in the universe: life.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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