Latin American Countries Condemn Mexican Embassy Assault

Latin American Countries Condemn Mexican Embassy Assault
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6 April 2024
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The condemnation by Latin American countries of the violent invasion of the Mexican embassy in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, has not been delayed.

The Brazilian government condemned, "in the strongest terms", the "repudiable" police intrusion in the diplomatic headquarters. The measure of the "Ecuadorian Government constitutes a serious precedent, which must be strongly repudiated, whatever the justification for its implementation," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, the Cuban President expressed solidarity with the Government of Mexico. "All our solidarity with Mexico, in the face of the unacceptable violation of its Embassy in Quito," Díaz-Canel wrote on X.  He stated that "the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which is an essential component of international law, must be respected by all".

For his part, the Bolivian president Luis Arce condemned and described the action as "unacceptable". In a message on his social networks, Arce said that Bolivia, respectful "of the rules governing diplomatic relations, strongly condemns the intrusion of the Ecuadorian police" in the Mexican embassy in Quito, an event "unprecedented in the history of international law".

The Chilean government also expressed "its strongest condemnation" on Saturday and expressed "its deep concern about the violation of the right to asylum". The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs conveyed its solidarity "to all the diplomatic staff of the Embassy of Mexico in Ecuador" and asked that "this incident between sister nations, with which Chile maintains close relations and of historical friendship, is soon overcome".

On the other hand, the Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, described this Saturday as a "fascist act" the police intrusion in the Embassy of Mexico in Quito. "All this constitutes an action that not even in the most atrocious dictatorships in the region had been recorded (...), creating a worrying precedent for Ecuador and the world," said the Bolivarian government in X.

Xiomara Castro, the Honduran president, described the police intrusion into the embassy as "intolerable". Castro indicated in X that the aggression constitutes an intolerable act for the international community, since it ignores the historic and fundamental right to asylum.


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