The Journalism the Moment Demands

The Journalism the Moment Demands
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14 March 2023
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Cuban Press Day, which recalls every year the founding in 1892 of the newspaper Patria, the newspaper of the Revolution, could be an opportunity to recognize the daily work of thousands of Cuban professionals throughout the country. And it’s, facing the rigors of an exercise committed to the challenges of the moment. But more than mere delight in the celebration, it would be convenient to see it as a permanent platform for reflection on the journalism we do; and, above all, what we need to do.

In particularly complex moments for the nation, when the economic crisis stimulates a crisis of values, the press must accompany the future of an entire people, offering light on common problems, incisively investigating, recognizing the effort and resistance of those who fight every day to move forward.

There’s a war raging on, and it’s not fought with weapons, but with ideas. It’s up to revolutionary journalism to assume the unquestionable values of national identity as a flag, and based on deep analysis of events, consolidate a coherent narrative, faithful to the demands and achievements of a people.

Journalism must be done to honor a calling of justice. But good intentions are not good enough. Training, mastery of the theoretical and practical resource of a profession, the creative use of technologies, are essential in times of high specialization. Ideas and courage to sustain them.

The scenarios for Cuban journalism have become more complex. And journalism is responsible for absolutely the entire social fabric. Propaganda should not be confused with journalism, nor should essential tasks of the press be compromised with simple commercial interests or false destabilizing campaigns.

Against the colonizing wave in culture, there must be the effectiveness of the revolutionary press. The revolutionary press must work for the articulation of the progressive forces of the peoples. Equal to the demands of citizens, national journalism must position itself.

Cuban Press Day is an instance for recognition, but also for a boost. Better journalism can be done. Must be. It has to be done.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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