Jorge Gutiérrez and Paco Cruz return to the Mexican basketball team

Jorge Gutiérrez and Paco Cruz return to the Mexican basketball team
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25 June 2022
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Mexico is ready to face the third qualifying window for the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup. The men’s basketball team refined its preliminary list and has defined the 14 players who will participate in the games against Cuba in Chihuahua (July 1) and Puerto Rico, the latter in Saint John (July 4).

Within this call, two players stand out who had been absent in previous calls: Jorge Gutierrez y Francis Cross. “I feel happy to return to the national team, it has always been an honor to represent Mexico in any competition,” Jorge assured at a press conference.

The national team coach @omarquintero_11 The national team announced the list of summoned for the following commitments of the Mexican national team, highlighting the return of Jorge Gutiérrez and Paco Cruz.

— ADEMEBA_Oficial (@ademeba_oficial) June 24, 2022


In the case of Gutiérrez, fourth Mexican in the NBA and who signed in 2021 with Astros de Jalisco, he returns to the 12 Guerreros after missing previous calls due to injury, while Paco Cruz comes from the Greek Tofas and rejoins the national team for the first time. time since 2021, when Mexico fell in the pre-Olympic in Split (Croatia).

“One is here to support and achieve the goal of reaching the World Cup. I am very excited and impressed with the new players in the squad.Paco added.

Both are iconic players within the national team: they both played in the 2014 World Cup and were part of the team that won the 2014 Centrobasket, in addition to Gutiérrez also winning the 2013 AmeriCup, one of the most important triumphs for Mexican basketball.

Omar Quintero, coach of the national team, repeats young promises such as Víctor Valdés, Diego Willis, Esteban Roacho, Gael Bonilla and Alejandro Reyna, who will share a uniform with other consolidated players such as Paul Stoll, Gabriel Girón Jr., Orlando Méndez, Daniel Amigo, Fabián Jaimes, Israel Gutierrez, and Irwin Avalos. Most already train in Chihuahua.

“The inclusion of Jorge and Paco gives us a plus, a team with more seniority and experience. That’s what it takes to go to the World Cup”, Quintero pointed out in a press videoconference. “The roster is growing and we will have more rotation. It is an opportunity to win in Puerto Rico after so many years, now that the team is going through a great moment”.

The Mexican team is already qualified for the second phase of the Americas qualifiers, but is in second place in Group D with a record of 3-1. For the next stage, which includes teams from South America, a ticket will be sought; the advantage is that what was done in the previous windows also counts, so that 3-1 record and what they do on July 1 and 4 will be vital for their World Cup aspirations.


The return of Juan Toscano is approaching

Omar Quintero also pointed out that Juan Toscano-Anderson, former Fuerza Regia player and NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors, is scheduled to participate in the August window (with which the final round will begin) and for the AmeriCup, to be held in September in Brazil.

The only thing they have to solve is the nationality squareor, since FIBA ​​only allows one player with these characteristics, so they are in the process of being Daniel Amigo has what it takes to occupy a national position and thus have Toscano for these selection games.

“We are doing everything possible so that he and Daniel are together,” said the coach.

Call for positions

  • Bases: Paul Stoll, Gabriel Girón, Jorge Gutiérrez, Diego Willis and Esteban Roacho.
  • Eaves: Victor Valdes and Pako Cruz.
  • Escorts: Orlando Mendez, Gael Bonilla and Irwin Avalos.
  • Power forward: Daniel Amigo, Alejandro Reyna and Fabián Jaimes.
  • Center: Israel Gutierrez.


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