Ivette Cepeda’s CD Available in Virtual Stores

Ivette Cepeda’s CD Available in Virtual Stores
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27 November 2021
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La Rosa de Jericó, Ivette Cepeda y Reflexión's first studio album, licensed under Bis Music record house is available since last Friday, in virtual stores and on the Cuban music platform Sandunga.


After a long production process comes this album that becomes a testimony of the life of an artist who has not stopped dreaming and working in difficult times.


At a press conference held at the label's venue, this album was presented, containing 12 songs by renowned musicians like Polito Ibáñez (Vocaciones), Ireno García (Un buen bolero), Leonardo García (Llegas), Augusto Blanca (Regalo no.1), Yhosvany Palma (En la llovizna) and (Fue tal vez), the only song that already has a video clip and is dedicated to the recently passed actress Broselianda Hernández.


In "Como en la Lluvia", by Karel García, the flutist Orlando Valle "Maraca" participates, displaying his best talent, said the interpreter.


Another composer in this album is the Spanish singer-songwriter Luis Eduardo Aute with the song (Me va la vida en ello), where the gypsy singer Moisés de Moidani from Los Yakis, well known in Madrid, participates.


Likewise it’s ([Arboles raros) a song by Carlos Varela in which Horacio Hernández “El Negro” masterfully played the drums, transmitting with his wits what this song says, “a simple truth”, Ivette said.


In addition, she confessed that this album was born in her heart with the desire to honor Santiago Feliú, that’s why the first song chosen was "Ayer y hoy enamorado" by Santi, "for being a chant of hope."


She also praised the performance of the talented trumpeter Mayquel González on a "solo" that breaks with lyricism and moves towards that jazz expression that with truthfulness invites you not only to say but to do, considering it historical and wonderful, "For me it is the peak moment of the album," she said.


She expressed her appreciation to all of these excellent musicians for their talent and humbleness.


She also highlighted the huge participation of Bis Music for taking on this project and all those who collaborated in its making.


La Rosa de Jericó, with arrangements by producer Joel Domínguez, fuses genres like ballads, salsa, bolero, and song.


The songs of this fifth album by Ivette Cepeda also speak of splendor, of the reunion and of how wonderful life is when it begins again.


They also put in the album a closeness and love towards people, "we have worked to try to plant something in the people who listen to us, because we are part of a generation that needs many words to move forward."


To defend the songs on this album and bring them closer to her audience, Ivette Cepeda regularly performs at Artex music houses and will soon participate in the Chocolate con Café Festival, scheduled from November 28 to December 2 in Guantánamo.


This beloved and popular interpreter plans and dreams of presenting her new proposal soon in a theater or on another stage where she can share closely with her followers.


It was also announced at a press conference that this album will be retailed in ARTEX store network.


La Rosa de Jericó is a studio album that is reborn, blossoms, and captures.

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