Italy’s Piedmont Region to Send Aid to Cuba

Italy’s Piedmont Region to Send Aid to Cuba
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28 July 2021
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The Regional Council of Piedmont, Italy, requested the local government to send humanitarian aid to Cuba to help the island face the spread of COVID-19.

The Piedmont Council issued a resolution denouncing the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Cuban people, particularly what it described as the serious situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The resolution adopted by leftist councillor Marco Grimaldi commits the regional government to take action at the national level in order “to back the necessity to lift the US blockade against Cuba,” according to the website of the Cuban Friendship Institute.

The document also urges the regional council to send medical resources to Cuba, including individual protection items and medications.

The resolution recalls the high quality of the Cuban health system and the internationalist vocation of the Cuban medical personnel who have helped other countries of the world over the past 57 years, including the city of Turin, capital of Piedmont.


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