Italian archaeologists found rare blue frescoes of ancient sanctuary

Italian archaeologists found rare blue frescoes of ancient sanctuary
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9 June 2024
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A team of Italian archaeologists digging in the city of Pompeii, in the southern region of Campania, recently uncovered a stunning sky-blue sacrarium, a space for ritual and conservation of sacred objects.

According to Italy´s Culture Ministry, this finding, considered one of the most important this year, was made in the center of that city buried in 79 under tons of ash and lava, after the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano, a catastrophe that cost the lives of thousands of its inhabitants.

The blue sanctuary discovered in the Regio IX area of Pompeii, has female figures drawn on its walls, supposedly associated with the four seasons of the year, along with references to agricultural and livestock activities, although the dominant theme is related to the annual planting.

The Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano went to the site and after visiting the blue Sacrarium pointed out in a message spread on social networks that the results of the archaeological works, which are permanently maintained in that locality, evidence that this site is “a treasure chest still partially unexplored”.

“Pompeii is an immense archaeological laboratory that gained strength in recent years, and that amazes the world with continuous discoveries brought to light, demonstrating Italian excellence in this sector,” Sangiuliano recently expressed.

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