Iran is the first country to produce Cuba’s Covid-19 vaccines

Iran is the first country to produce Cuba’s Covid-19 vaccines
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17 May 2022
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Tehran, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Iran became the first country to produce Cuba's Covid-19 vaccines with the inauguration of a plant for the production of the PastoCorona vaccine, which was inaugurated in this capital on Sunday.

“The inauguration of the PastoCorona vaccine plant in Iran consolidates the scientific collaboration and the international insertion of BioCubaFarma’s companies,” the president of that Cuban firm, Eduardo Martínez, tweeted.

The new center for the mass production of the PastoCorona vaccine is the result of the transfer to the Pasteur Institute of the technology of the Cuban vaccine Soberana 02, a scientific breakthrough of the Finlay Vaccines Institute.

Soberana 02 is the world’s first conjugated vaccine against Covid-19 and is marketed in Cuba as PastuCovac, according to experts consulted in the field.

This production plant has been set up after meetings prior to the 18th session of the Cuba-Iran Intergovernmental Commission, which is being held by experts’ commissions in this capital until Tuesday.

The facility was inaugurated on Sunday by Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas and Iranian Health Minister Bahram Ainollahi, as well as the first vice president of the Cuban company, BioCubaFarma, Mayda Mauri.

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