Iran Breaks Through US Blockade to Deliver Oil to Venezuela

Iran Breaks Through US Blockade to Deliver Oil to Venezuela
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24 May 2020
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The Iranian 'Fortune' vessel, loaded with fuel for Venezuela, arrived in Venezuela on Sunday to the port of the El Palito refinery, located in the municipality of Puerto Cabello, on the coasts of Carabobo state, reported the teleSUR correspondent, Madelein García.

The ship arrived on Saturday in Venezuelan waters and was escorted by boats, helicopters and planes of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) of the South American country.

The first ship arrived after loading gasoline in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas in March; its journey began on May 16. In the next few days, four more ships will reach Venezuelan shores.

The measure to escort the boat by the FANB is given the threats of the United States (USA) with attacking ships from Iran. "We have already contacted the Iranian Defense Minister, when all these ships enter our exclusive economic zone, they will be escorted by ships, ships and planes of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, to welcome them and say to the Iranian people: Thanks for so much solidarity! ", Indicated the Minister of Defense of Venezuela, Vladimir Padrino López, on May 20.

The shipment of gasoline by the Islamic Republic of Iran to Venezuela corresponds to the diplomatic strengthening and trade agreements between the two countries.

TeleSUR correspondent Madelein García, who is on board one of the Venezuelan vessels that accompanied the Iranian ship, stressed that the entire trajectory was carried out normally and, according to the officials present, "there was no type of threat that placed operation at risk.

In addition, the Iranian Embassy in Venezuela highlighted the arrival of the first ship in the territorial waters of the South American nation with a message on its Twitter account.

For its part, the FANB's Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb) published on its Twitter account a message of thanks from the Venezuelan Armed Forces to Iran for its solidarity action.

"The FANB appreciates the solidarity of the Republic of Iran Flag of Iran in assisting the country with aid that materializes in ships with fuel," said Ceofanb commander Remigio Ceballos.

Likewise, the Vice President for the Economic Area, Tareck El Aissami, published a message on his Twitter account to greet the arrival of the Iranian ships "on behalf of (President) Nicolás Maduro and all of Venezuela."

El Aissami also stressed that "this energy cooperation aims at comprehensive development for the benefit of our peoples."

At the beginning of this month, the Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade of the South American country, Félix Plasencia, and the Ambassador of Iran in Venezuela, Hojjatollah Soltani, signed trade and tourism connectivity agreements.

Fores, Petunia, Faxon and Clavel vessels would arrive in the coming days to the South American country that suffers from fuel shortages, due to illegal sanctions imposed by the White House.


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