Indian expert hails Vietnam-Cuba special solidarity

Indian expert hails Vietnam-Cuba special solidarity
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12 September 2023
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Vietnam and Cuba have maintained a special, pure and faithful relationship, which is a rare one in international relations, Vijay Sakhuja, Director at the Centre for Public Policy Research under Indian Council of World Affairs, said in an article posted on the website.

Although geographically far apart, Vietnam and Cuba have maintained close relations since they established diplomatic relations on December 2, 1960, he wrote, noting that this year, Vietnam and Cuba are celebrating the 60th founding anniversary of the Cuban Committee for Solidarity with South Vietnam (September 25, 1963-2023) and the 50th anniversary of Cuba leader Fidel Castro Ruz’s first visit to Vietnam and the liberated zone in the South of Vietnam (September 1973).

The Indian expert highlighted the special relationship between President Ho Chi Minh and Cuban leader Fidel Castro. In September 1973, to support Vietnam's national liberation cause, Fidel became the first and only foreign head of state to visit the liberated zone in the South of Vietnam while the war was still fierce, bringing great encouragement to the Vietnamese army and people.

He wrote that Vietnam and Cuba have maintained their commitment to bring bilateral cooperation to new heights in various fields. The leaders of the two countries have actively promoted bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Although the current trade exchange value is still modest at about 250 to 300 million USD, two-way turnover is capable of reaching 500 million USD by 2025.

The two countries have supported each other to overcome difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. In July 2020, Vietnam provided COVID-19 vaccines to Cuba and announced that the two countries would strengthen cooperation in the field of military medicine. In 2021, during the third wave of the pandemic in Vietnam, Cuba provided 10 million doses of its home-grown coronavirus vaccine, Abdala to Vietnam.

Vietnam constantly promotes peace and stability in the world, while maintaining a policy of neutrality in politics with major countries. In 2021, Vietnam called on the US to review its policy towards Cuba and normalise relations with Havana for the benefit of the two peoples, contributing to peace, stability and development of the region and the world.

The Indian expert appreciated the stance of Vietnam and believed that Hanoi is in a position to create favourable conditions for a constructive dialogue between Cuba and the US.

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