Iberoarte 2022 International Crafts Fair begins in Holguin

Iberoarte 2022 International Crafts Fair begins in Holguin
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4 November 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 4 (ACN) The Iberoarte 2022 International Crafts Fair, sponsored by the Cuban Fund for Cultural Goods (FCBC), began this Thursday in the Cuban eastern city of Holguin with an artistic gala that highlighted the cultural traditions of Peru, the nation to which the event is dedicated.

On this opening day, all exhibitors participating in the Fair were welcomed, especially the more than 50 Peruvian artists, who will exhibit and sell different pieces and products from the Andean country, such as textiles, Chulucan vessels and Ayacucho altarpieces, among others.

The Peruvian creators offered the best of their art, with the interpretation of traditional dances, such as the "Morenada", "Carnaval de Huacanvelica Lircay", "Carnaval Ayacuchano" and the "Anaconda".

They also recognized Manuel Hernández Ramos, director of the FCBC in Holguín, with a plaque that distinguishes the work of the Fund, who every year organizes in eastern Cuba a contest that represents the best of the arts and crafts in the region.

Likewise, the imprint of the Avilés Orchestra, which this year reached its 140th anniversary, conducted by Gastón Allen Birhnan, was highlighted, being the oldest active group in Latin America, a bastion of the musical heritage of Holguín and Cuba.

The Fair, which will last until November 20 with more than 70 participants from 11 countries, celebrates the 20th anniversary of this event, which was born as part of the Ibero-American Culture Festival held in October.

Artists from Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Spain and Chile are also taking part, and this time representatives from the Dominican Republic, Russia and Holland are joining in.

This year it maintains its two usual venues in Expo Holguin and the Plaza de la Marqueta Cultural Complex, emphasizing the sale of utilitarian and household products, of high demand among the attending public, all in national currency.

As part of this event, the Lote space will be developed, dedicated to the exhibitions and commercialization of plastic arts, which will pay special tribute to the work of the recently deceased master Cosme Proenza Almaguer.

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