Historic Peruvian trade unionist pays homage to Fidel Castro

Historic Peruvian trade unionist pays homage to Fidel Castro
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26 November 2022
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The vice president of the World Federation of Trade Unions, Valentin Pacho, paid tribute today to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on the sixth anniversary of his departure to eternity.

‘Those of us who continue to struggle for transforming society towards socialism pay tribute to the great Marxist-Leninist fighter, proven communist militant, symbol of ideological firmness and revolutionary loyalty, revolutionary military genius that led to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution,’ Pacho said in an article published in Uno newspaper.

The former secretary general of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru and former senator recalled that triumph had an impact on him and his fellow adolescent workers and shook the consciences of the peoples and meant a defeat for the United States, just like that of the mercenary invasion at Playa Giron in April 1961.


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