Heberprot-P from Cuba could be on the US market in 2028

Heberprot-P from Cuba could be on the US market in 2028
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18 May 2024
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Heberprot-P, a drug developed by Cuba and so far the only one of its kind in the world to combat diabetic foot ulcers, could be on the United States market in 2028, as anticipated by Dr. Lee Weingart, President of the American biotechnology company Discovery Therapeutics Caribe (DTC).

Weingart confirmed in statements to Prensa Latina in Havana that they have approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin phase 3 of those clinical studies.

He announced that around 180 patients in about 25 centers in the US will participate in the study and it will possibly take about 18 months to be carried out.

The expert attended an event promoted by the Cuban embassy in the United States this Tuesday, in which the possibilities of bilateral collaboration in biomedicine and biotechnological research were presented.

DTC, which is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of Americans by developing regenerative therapies for serious and life-threatening diseases, said in making the FDA announcement in early May that it achieved an important milestone that reflects progress in its clinical program.

The Cuban drug, which helps close wounds that are difficult to heal in diabetic patients, was developed two decades ago and its use was already authorized in 26 countries.

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