Health Commission of LATAM Parliament Issues Declaration in Havana

Health Commission of LATAM Parliament Issues Declaration in Havana
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27 May 2022
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Havana, May 26 (ACN) The Health Commission of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament adopted a Declaration on integration, cooperation in its sector during a meeting held in this city capital.

Cuban lawmaker Luis Velazquez Perez, who heads the commission at the regional parliament, said the document sets a significant stage in the work of the commission for the present and the future, according to the Cuban Parliament’s website.

The Latin American and Caribbean Parliament’s Health Commission acknowledges the significance for the nations of this region to achieve stronger unity, collaboration and coordination of joint efforts to face the big challenges in the area of health.

During the session, parliamentarians backed the efforts aimed at drawing up a plan of action in the sector of health and resilience in The Americas up to the year 2030, based on the principle of non-exclusion against any nation.

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