Havana´s cultural space celebrates 45 years of creation in Cuba

Havana´s cultural space celebrates 45 years of creation in Cuba
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20 June 2022
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Havana, Jun 20 (Prensa Latina) Havana´s Casa de Cultura de Plaza de la Revolución will begin the celebrations for its 45th anniversary with exhibitions, a performance of the Emilio Morales quintet and a talk on the Jazz Plaza event in Cuba.

The commemorative day will continue tomorrow with a performance by the theater group Por el mar del Caribe, at the Alejo Carpentier Library, and a tribute to renowned actress Corina Mestre, National Theater Award in 2022 and National Artistic Education Award in 2016.

Likewise, maestro Humberto Rodriguez, National Community Culture Award, will star in a meeting with personalities trained in the performing arts workshops of the emblematic Olga Alonso theatrical ensemble, founded on October 6, 1979.

On the 23rd of October, the institution will hold a talk on Carpentier and his great influence on the Latin American literature of his time, the space La historia contada por… with Norberto Codina, director of the Gaceta de Cuba, and the recognition of Lina Arce, former director of the Casa de Cultura.

The agenda also includes the performance of the urban music group Artcor, the presence of the Girasol group and the Orchestra of the 20th Century, the opening of the exhibition La Casa en las Manos de los Niños (The House in the Hands of Children) and the UltrHavana concert.

The program includes on the 24th and 25th a dissertation on the founders of the library, the show Danza conmigo and the closing gala entitled Por amor al arte with a concert by the Grupo Interactivo, directed by pianist, singer and composer Roberto Carcassés.

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