French association boosts project to support Cuban sports

French association boosts project to support Cuban sports
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12 August 2022
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Paris, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) The Cuba Cooperation France Association (CubaCoop) on Friday updated the progress of an ambitious project to support Cuban sports, an initiative that consists of training athletes to compete in the Paris-2024 Olympic Games.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, CubaCoop Vice President Manuel Pascual explained that several sports are included in the agenda, some of them with concrete dates and others still in the coordination stage. According to Pascual, after discussing the project with the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation of Cuba (INDER), several French federations were contacted, a step preceded by talks with city mayors to assess the possibilities of welcoming the Cuban athletes.

Eyes are now focused on Paris-2024, but those games are an ephemeral event, so our vision in CubaCoop is to go much farther, with sports exchanges between the two countries before and after the major sports event, he said.

Twenty-five French municipalities are ready to receive the Cuban athletes who qualified for Paris-2024, which Paris will host for the third time in history, after those held in 1900 and 1924.

Pascual pointed out that the athletes’ arrivals before the Olympic Games will allow them to train under optimal conditions and adjust to the time difference.

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