Former Ukrainian servicemen guard Zaporozhie nuclear plant

Former Ukrainian servicemen guard Zaporozhie nuclear plant
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24 November 2022
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Moscow, Nov 24 (Prensa Latina) The Zaporozhie Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) is guarded by former members of the National Guard of Ukraine and paramilitary elements, TASS agency reported.

The president of the movement “We are together with Russia”, Vladimir Rogov, stated that “among the ranks of the National Guard units protecting the ZNPP there are forces that served in the National Guard of Ukraine until February 24th protecting the plant. Then they switched to the peaceful side.”

Rogov pointed out that the Ukrainian ex-combatants received Russian citizenship, were sworn in and voted in favor of the referendum on the joining of that region to Russia.

“Now they support our defenders and are provided with special equipment, warm clothes, heaters and everything they need. Even the former leaders of the militarized ZNPP guards are part of this, as, for example, former deputy head of security Alexander Dubinin”, Rogov stressed.

The Russian troops took control of the ZNPP on February 28th; the plant continues its normal operation under the supervision of the personnel responsible for radiation safety and RosAtom employees despite repeated Ukrainian bombing.

On November 19th, the Ukrainian army resumed artillery strikes against the ZNPP after a long break, and there were also reports of attacks on November 20th and 21th.

After the events, the United Nations described the bombing of the nuclear power plant as a reckless and reprehensible act, although it avoided naming Ukraine as responsible for the attacks.

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