Floods Death Toll Reaches 18 in Türkiye

Floods Death Toll Reaches 18 in Türkiye
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18 March 2023
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On Friday, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu confirmed that 18 people have died in the last two days due to flooding in southeastern Turkey, in an area already affected by the February 6 earthquakes.

"We have lost 16 citizens in Sanliurfa province and 2 in Adiyaman province," he said during a press conference.

On Wednesday, those provinces were exposed to heavy rains that washed away cars and many prefabricated shelters, which were built to house hundreds of thousands of people who lost their homes in the earthquakes.

"In 36 hours the amount of rain that usually falls in a year fell," the Interior Minister said, adding that 4 million cubic meters of water were evicted from the affected areas.

Turkish authorities have sent a hundred tanker trucks with drinking water to Sanliurfa to supply the population.

Sanliurfa and Adiyaman are two of the eleven11 provinces that were affected, although to a lesser extent than others, by the February earthquakes, which have left a balance of 48,000 dead and left over a million people homeless.

On Friday, Finance Ministry presented a report showing that the earthquakes cost approximately US$105.2 billion for the country, which represents reach 9 percent of the national income in 2023.


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