Fifth international festival Corazon Feliz begins in Havana

Fifth international festival Corazon Feliz begins in Havana
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29 May 2024
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Dedicated to the protection of the environment, the puppet theater and musical creation for boys and girls by Silvio Rodríguez, the V International Meeting of Arts for Children, Corazon Feliz, begins today in the Cuban capital.

The artistic program of the event, which will run until Sunday, June 2nd, includes workshops, theoretical sessions, concerts and shows, and its main objective is to sow values of national and Latin American identity in children, as well as a culture of peace among children. 

Among the venues planned for the meeting are the National Museum of Fine Arts, the stages of the La Proa and el Arca theater groups, as well as the Abelardo Estorino, of the Ministry of Culture, the Joseíto Fernández House of Culture, the José Martí Birthplace Museum and la Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC).  

On the national side, the music will be performed by singers such as Rita del Prado, Enid Rosales and Rochy Ameneiro.  The shows are provided by groups such as Teatro Tuyo and La Proa, the La Colmenita Children's Company, Habanasueños, Cascabel and Cuentos para Federico.

From the international level, visitors from several nations will be received, in this case, some could be mentioned such as Mariana Mallol (Argentina/Mexico), Manuel Morán (Puerto Rico) and the companies La smiling of the lizard and La Rous (Spain).

The plastic arts have exhibitions and workshops by the Arte 92 group, the exhibitions Los Títeres del Mundo, by Abdel de la Campa, and A Graphic Gift for Las Estaciones, by a collective of Cuban and foreign designers.

A new initiative joins the others that usually make up the project.  It is the largest collage in the world, a cultural proposal by the Argentinian illustrator Estrellita Caracol, which consists of a series of silhouettes and illustrations made by children, which can be about themselves or their families.

These illustrations will be collected in the Casas de Cultura of our country, as well as in Cuban embassies abroad, or in UNICEF facilities around the world.

Finally, a camping trip is planned at the Casa de Cultura in Centro Habana, where children will be able to enjoy film screenings of Juan Padrón's work, in addition to other initiatives linked to culinary art, music and theater.

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