Evo reiterates his gratitude to Mexican and Argentinean presidents

Evo reiterates his gratitude to Mexican and Argentinean presidents
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13 November 2022
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La Paz, November 13 (RHC)-- The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, recalled that this Friday marked three years of his departure from the country after the 2019 coup against him, and thanked the solidarity shown by the presidents of Mexico and Argentina.

"A day like today, in 2019, we left for Mexico to save our lives and avoid bloodshed prepared by the authors of the coup, thanks to the solidarity of several brother presidents, especially Andrés López Obrador (of Mexico) and Alberto Fernández (of Argentina), other presidents and former presidents," Morales wrote on his Twitter account.  He revealed that the authors of the coup d'état tried "until the last moment" to make an attempt on his life.

"The authors of the civic police and military coup offered 50 thousand dollars to a member of our security to consummate their plans of assassination," he asserted.  

Morales was in asylum in Mexico for a month and then settled in Argentina.  The former president returned to Bolivia after the triumph in the October 2020 elections of the presidential candidate for the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS, of which he is the leader), Luis Arce, who has been governing the country since November 8, 2020.

In another tweet, the former president remarked that "after taking power by assault, the coup plotters persecuted our brothers, massacred our brothers in Senkata and Sacaba and stole the State's coffers."  "Now, benefiting from impunity, they talk about democracy and attack the people's economy", concluded Morales.

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