Díaz-Canel attends People’s Power Assembly in Santa Clara, Cuba

Díaz-Canel attends People’s Power Assembly in Santa Clara, Cuba
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30 September 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel is participating in the Municipal People's Power Assembly, in his capacity as deputy to the national parliament for this city in the center of the country.

This sixth ordinary session is being held in Marta Abreu theater of Las Villas Central University, where Díaz-Canel studied electronic engineering, and in 2021 he obtained his doctorate degree with a thesis on the system of government based on science and innovation for sustainable development.

Among the topics to be discussed today, led by Osmany García, president of the municipal government body, the delegates of the 14 popular councils address issues such as compliance with the sub-programs of social consumption in the groups of categorized productive units, at national, provincial and municipal levels.

Emphasis is also placed on the current state of the commercialization of the production of viands, vegetables, fruits and products from the mini-industry, as well as the consumption of vegetables in priority centers such as children’s homes, maternal and children’s hospitals, homes for the elderly, homes for children without family protection, among others. The meeting analyzed direct contracts with harvesters through productive forms, aimed at reducing costs and thus lowering retail prices, as well as the integration between the company, the community, Public Health and Education.

Also, ways to bring sports disciplines to the communities through physical culture, recreation and education.

Santa Clara has taken important steps in the development of science, technology and innovation, with the recent certification of the first Industrial Science-Technology Park in the country.

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