Day of tributes at inaugural gala of the 10th Changüi Festival

Day of tributes at inaugural gala of the 10th Changüi Festival
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30 June 2022
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Havana, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) The opening gala of the tenth edition of the Elio Reve Matos Changüi Festival in Cuba will include tributes and recognitions to institutions and figures who defend this genre.

The event in the Cuban province of Guantanamo will pay tribute to changüi musician Arturo Latamble Veranes on his 110th birthday and his commendable work as founder of the band Changüi Guantanamo, the greatest perfomer of this rhythm around the world.

Under “the magic of the authentic,” this event will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the band Estrellas Campesinas de Yateras and the 15th anniversary of the Chito Latamble Changüi House, where popular activities related to this musical genre are promoted.

The most important Changüi event in Cuba will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the provincial radio station CMKS and will also recognize its work for telling the stories and actions related to this movement in the territory.

Until July 4, the festival will also honor and thank the presidents of the gatherings of the community socio-cultural project La Cumbancha for their work in the defense of Guantanamo’s sound.

The “Pedro Speck” changüi creation contest, the competitions of tres, bongo, marimba players and dancers and the “Rafael Inciarte” colloquium are highlights in the program of activities, which also includes meetings with musicians’ families.

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