A Day For Social Networks?

A Day For Social Networks?
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2 July 2023
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On June 30th, the Social Networks Day is celebrated; actually it would be great it’ll be only 24 hours for them. Yes, because since a while back time they dominate our lives and although they make it easier for us, and we cannot deny it, at the same time we do not require much research to prove that also makes us dependent, hypnotizes us, makes us waste time.

We just have to be critical and think about how many hours we dedicate to it, and if we really look for them only when we need them. No, sometimes we look at the phone without notification sounds and we enter our accounts to just to verify if there’s something new and, not infrequently, we end up reading the same publications.

That they have been designed to be able to communicate and obtain information available at the click of a button, that's fine, but it has gone too far. Today it’s not easy to master access to content of all kinds, we are bombarded with them from any social network, sometimes without being able to understand why the algorithm behind it offers us data that seems to us to come out of the blue. And that many are considered commonplace, it’s true that it’s subjective as it also entertains all kinds of audiences at a certain time.

Perhaps the objective of social networks, disguised as communication, is to manage us, take us where others want, and I say perhaps as leaving a margin of doubt that I don’t have because, despite not having proofs of my own, I think they do not work naturally, and I approve of the thesis of many experts who do consider that they have reached conclusive reasoning.

Not everything is negative. Social networks offer us many advantages. Those structures created on Internet to favor the connection between people, whether they are at opposite points of the planet, or not, allow interaction with great immediacy. And with technological development, they are increasingly gaining effectiveness, communications are faster, and images have better quality.

They are effective tools, with a lot of potential, it favors information, communication, entertainment. And for the business world it has become essential for marketing and advertising efforts in search of positioning brands and captivating audiences. The contradiction I find is, at the same time, a product of its own attractiveness, that they generate fascination, they dazzle, and their excessive use cannot be healthy.

When the advance of technology seems to be the only future path not to live isolated in underdevelopment, the most intelligent way out is handle them wisely, and not give in to this complex network of domination that works silently and perfectly as an instrument of power.

It’s no longer a matter of living in a bubble on the web where you only find what’s searched, the matter is less noble, more intentional.

Harassment is constant and accurate because it’s selective, and it’s very easy to fall.

In summary: Social networks are very powerful, but necessary now.

We recommend from CubaSí to use them without naivety.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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