Culture minister condemns pressures against Cuban artists

Culture minister condemns pressures against Cuban artists
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24 July 2021
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Cuba´s Culture Minister Alpidio Alonso condemned the pressures exerted on national creators in order to obtain pronouncements against the Revolution.

Alonso pointed out that these actions are part of the media operation that hovers over Cuba, which he described as perverse considering its manipulation mechanisms.

Through a message on his Twitter profile, Alonso reproached the attempts of the media enemies of peace in Cuba to use the voice of the artists for their own interests through illegitimate methods.

I denounce the campaign of pressure, blackmail and intimidation of our artists, so that they speak out against the Revolution; perverse media operation of the counterrevolution and the enemy media, which tries to use the voice and prestige of the artists, for subversive purposes, Alonso wrote on the social network.

As part of his statement, he also quoted the words of José Martí, Cuba's National Hero, in issue number 9 of the newspaper Patria: "The Cuban loves glory, because he is capable of it: he loves those who walk around the world the glory of his homeland".

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