Cuba's top authorities are in Matanzas,17 firefighters missing

Cuba's top authorities are in Matanzas,17 firefighters missing
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6 August 2022
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez is in Matanzas overseeing the relief efforts related to the explosion in the Industrial Zone that has affected so far three oil tanks and left 49 people injured.

Diaz-Canel arrived in the city past midnight, accompanied by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz and other high-ranking officials.

In a meeting with local authorities, the Head of State was told that people residing close to the industrial zone were evacuated.

Diaz-Canel also visited the  Faustino Perez Hospital, where he was briefed by its director about the status of the patients.

Reportedly of, 49 injured, seven people in critical and two in critical condition.

The President appreciated the local media coverage of the disaster and requested to inform the local population about the events in real-time.

Meanwhile, Matanzas' Antonio Guiteras Power Plant, the island's leading contributor to its power grid, remained in service. It was reported that the fire, so far, has had no impact on its operations.


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