Cuba’s graphic humor artists celebrate 23rd International Biennial

Cuba’s graphic humor artists celebrate 23rd International Biennial
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10 April 2023
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The 23rd International Biennial of Graphic Humor, in the Cuban city of San Antonio de los Baños, opened under the slogan "Laughing at machismo seriously", has brought together,from today, artists of the sector, until April 12.

The event in the province of Artemisa was organized by the Group of Comedians and Cartoonists of the Journalists´Union of Cuba (UPEC) and the Museum of Humor, the latter, the venue of the event.

Comic creators from the Caribbean island and other countries will use their works to project the debate on patriarchal discrimination, gender violence, inclusive language and women’s empowerment.

According to the Cubaperiodistas´ website, the biennial will be attended by renowned cartoonists who will be in the jury, such as Nani Mosquera and Omar Figueroa Turcios, both from Colombia.

On Sunday, the opening day, the participants made the traditional mural depicting the 23rd edition at the “Parque del Humor” in San Antonio de Los Baños, a place named The Capital of Humor.

Those actions are joined by the exhibition Breaking the Rules, by young cartoonist Yanely Rodriguez, a resident of the interior of the country, and the workshop entitled “Laughing without being Sexist” in the attempt.

Another event will be the panel on Humor and political communication in the 21st century, in which there will be a video conference with Latin American and Caribbean creators.

The event also includes the inauguration of exhibitions by renowned Cuban artists, such as Eduardo Abela (1889-1965), with the Garage Sale exhibition, and Aristides Hernandez, known as Ares, with the retrospective exhibition “Por Ares, un brindis con humor!”.

San Antonio de los Baños is the birthplace of Abela and René de la Nuez, creators respectively of El Bobo and El Loquito, two of the most important figures of Cuban political humor.


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