Cuba's first bioelectric plant synchronized to National Power Grid

Cuba's first bioelectric plant synchronized to National Power Grid
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6 July 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 5 (ACN) The first Cuban bioelectric plant built in areas near the Ciro Redondo power plant in Ciego de Avila, and synchronized at noon on Tuesday to the National Power Grid, continues to operate stably by delivering 22 megawatts with a single boiler.

Carmen Taboada Hernández, vice-president of the joint venture Biopower S.A., told the Cuban News Agency that they use the marabou plants accumulated during the plant's downtime, and according to calculations it ensures generation for 30 to 35 days.
She explained that before the start-up, tests were carried out and everything was positive.

The Chinese technology bioelectric plant investment cost about 140 million dollars and is one of the most important works in the country, since it is included in the national strategy to expand the use of renewable energy sources.

During its start-up last January, the interconnection with the sugar mill presented difficulties, so it stopped its operation when it did not achieve combustion in its boilers with one hundred percent of the bagasse delivered, whose characteristics differ from those used in the design, Taboada Hernández added.

She pointed out that the marabou harvest was affected due to the lack of liquidity to acquire spare parts from the foreign supplier.

She added that they are working with a group of Chinese specialists on modifications, tests and adjustments that will allow the plant to be stable.

To generate energy during harvest time, the plant is expected to consume a mixture of marabou and bagasse, the latter delivered by the Ciro Redondo sugar mill, which will also provide condensed water to receive the electricity and thermal energy necessary for the sugar cane grinding process.

The bioelectric plant is the first of its kind in Cuba in the foreign investment modality and a pioneer in the use of marabou as fuel, for which it has modern and efficient machines.

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