Cubans living in DR exchange with ICAP president

Cubans living in DR exchange with ICAP president
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9 December 2023
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Cubans living in the Dominican Republic on Saturday praised the recent celebration of the 4th Nation and Emigration Conference during a meeting at the Cuban embassy in the Caribbean nation, which was attended by the ICAP President Fernando Gonzalez.

During a little more than three hours last night, the attendees talked about their experiences and had the opportunity to present their impressions on different issues.

Designer and social communicator Alicia Álvarez heaped praise on the value of the event and considered that Cuba should work more on a communication campaign to create a more emotional message to exchange perceptions.

Álvarez also said that Cubans abroad should be present in different aspects, whether in the economic, cultural or academic fields. She considered that it is a strength that should be encouraged.

Her daughter Alicia Hernández, who was born in the Dominican Republic, said she was proud to have attended the event. I feel that young people like me have a voice and I saw it here, she said.

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