Cubans in El Salvador express dismay for victims in their country

Cubans in El Salvador express dismay for victims in their country
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20 August 2022
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San Salvador, Aug 20 (Prensa Latina) Cubans living in El Salvador joined the expressions of grief in the tribute of their people to the firefighters who died in the accident at the Supertanqueros in Matanzas base.

A statement from the Association of Cuban Residents in this Central American nation, which was transmitted to the Cuban ambassador here, René Ceballo, paid tribute to the 14 firefighters who offered their lives trying to contain the terrible fire in Matanzas.

The pain caused by this tragedy, which is added to others that have occurred in Cuba lately, is very great, Pedro Hernández Piedra, member of the Association’s board of directors said, who joined “in that pain, and I also sympathize with the suffering of my people due to the complex economic crisis aggravated by the pressure of the United States”.

“Any crisis brings out the best and the worst in people, and each one leans more to one side. José Martí used to say: “Men go in two sides: those who love and found, and those who hate and undo”, the note pointed out.

Of those who love, there are many. They are those who join in the pain of tragedies like these, those who maintain and practice solidarity as a living value, those who feel on their skin the injustices committed anywhere in the world. I dare to say that the majority of the Cuban people are still in that camp, Hernández stressed.

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