Cuban women’s project seeks to boost trade in cigars

Cuban women’s project seeks to boost trade in cigars
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27 September 2022
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Havana, Sep 27 (Prensa Latina) The director of the Habano Museum, Zoe Nocedo, confirmed in Havana the existence of a women's project aimed at promoting the trade of Premium cigars.

She said that the group is called Amigas del Habano (Cigar’s Friends) and is made up of more than 100 women from different trades and professions.

Nocedo, who is also the president of that project, recalled that they recently met to pair different drinks (the meeting was held at the Habana Libre Hotel).

The expert noted the importance of knowing and promoting one of Cuba’s major exports, the Havana cigars.

The team, made up of cigar rollers, tobacco factory readers, journalists, actors and actresses, announcers, sommeliers, bartenders, musicians, and specialists from other professions, tasted a Cubay Carta Dorada rum from the Cubaron S.A. corporation and combined it with a Romeo No. 2 cigar, which is 42-mm wide by 129-mm long, known in the cigar industry as Petit Corona, she said.

Cigar professor and specialist Fernando Fernandez also announced the 1st Habano-Sommeliers Contest at the Habana Libre Hotel from October 31 to November 1, under the name Juan Jose Lopez in Memoriam, who was an expert taster for the international corporation Habanos S.A.

Silvana Bencomo, from Brazil, owner of a cigar factory under the Don Fernando brand (she started 15 years ago), was invited to the event and reported that she leads a smoking club in her country, including many women

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