Cuban sports stars in Paris for Adidas "pre-Olympic" gala

Cuban sports stars in Paris for Adidas "pre-Olympic" gala
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19 April 2024
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Cuban sports stars Mijaín López, Javier Sotomayor and Ana Fidelia Quirós arrived in Paris as guests of a gala organized by Adidas to present its line of apparels for the 2024 Olympic Games and bound to be an opportunity for active and retired athletes from around the world to meet and share views.

The event will take place in the facility named after the renowned company and listed to host the artistic gymnastics, badminton and weightlifting competitions of the Games.

Freestyle wrestler Mijaín will seek to enrich his legend with another title on top of his gold medals in Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020.

On their end, high jumper Sotomayor—current world record-holder in both outdoor and indoor events—was first in Barcelona 1992 and second in Sydney 2000 and won six world titles (two outdoors and four indoors), whereas 800m runner Quirós—second in Atlanta 1992 and third in Barcelona 1992—was world champion in Gothenburg 1995 and Athens 1995.

Resolved to remain among the top twenty countries on the Olympic medal table, Cuban athletes will once again wear Adidas in Paris 2024.

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