Cuban singer-songwriter Gerardo Alfonso pays tribute to Che Guevara

Cuban singer-songwriter Gerardo Alfonso pays tribute to Che Guevara
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25 December 2020
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Cuban singer-songwriter Gerardo Alfonso pays tribute here to Ernesto Guevara, in cities in the center of the country, liberated by his troops in the last stage of Cuba's libertarian war.

Alfonso, internationally known for his song 'They are still dreams', dedicated to the heroic guerrilla, travels with his music, among others, the towns of Caibarién, Remedios and Santo Domingo, freed from the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, in 1958, by the forces of the Commander Guevara.

Accompanied by the Vocal Ensemble Musas female choir, Gerardo will culminate his artistic journey on December 28 in the Ernesto Che Guevara square, in this city, where the remains of the Argentine-Cuban commander and his companions of the 1967 Bolivian guerrilla rest.

The final presentation will take place, precisely, in front of the fence that exhibits the stanza 'It was a star who put you here and made you son of this town', belonging to the theme of the song: They are still dreams, by Gerardo Alfonso.

The also composer of the already anthological song Sábanas Blancas (White Sheets), dedicated to Havana. One of his group expressed here today that his presentations are a choral concert, where the so-called cultured or classical music joins in with a popular artist like him.

She added that it is the combination of the voice and aptitude of a singer with the accompanying music of a choir, which is an impressive result.

Gerardo revealed the close ties that unite him with the city of Santa Clara, capital of the Cuban province of Villa Clara, where he has premiered several of his cultural projects at troubadour festivals such as Longina.

'Here I did a lot of original things from the musical point of view, which consolidates my artistic career,' he said.

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