Cuban President Meets US Activists with Bridges of Love Initiative

Cuban President Meets US Activists with Bridges of Love Initiative
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30 June 2022
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Havana, Jun 29 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel welcomed Cuban American teacher Carlos Lazo, leader of the Bridges of Love supportive initiative and a group of his colleagues, students their parents currently visiting Cuba.

The meeting took place at the Palace of the Revolution, according to the Twitter account of the Cuban Presidency, which cited statements by the Cuban President as saying that “what you ae doing, aside from being an aid contribution, is also raising awareness, which makes this movement stronger.”

Meanwhile Lazo said that they will keep working for peace and love, and the setting up of more bridges of love because solidarity cannot be blocked, reads a tweet painted with pictures from the meeting.

Lazo and his colleagues arrived in Havana June 22 bringing a five-thousand-pound cargo of powdered milk for pediatric hospitals in Cuba. This was the third humanitarian shipment to Cuba by the US supportive initiative.

Bridges of Love is a visible member of the US chapter of the solidarity-with-Cuba network suggesting projects and urging President Joe Biden to reach understanding and good neighbor relations with Cuba, and the lifting of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba.

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