Cuban President: The Communist Party Role is Crucial to Boost Food Production

Cuban President: The Communist Party Role is Crucial to Boost Food Production
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9 April 2022
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Las Tunas, Cuba, April 8 (ACN) Experiences about food production exposed at the local Communist Party Meeting in this city, were considered by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel to address the role of the political organization at its bases.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee said that that production challenges must be addressed with creative resilience by using local potential and resources in order to cushion the shortage of fertilizers and pesticides which were usually used in agriculture.

The involvement of Party members and non-members in this endeavor is crucial to boost results in the agriculture sector while using science and incentives, said the head of state.

The main report to the meeting read that local agriculture has for long been affected with weed like marabu bushes in some 23 percent, while only 71 percent of the lands handed in usufruct are being exploited, and this has to do with lack of control.

Jose Luis Jomarron from a sugar cane cooperative stressed the importance of attending to the workers’ needs like actions taken in his cooperative including the construction of homes, doctor’s offices and recreational facilities. Such attention, said the delegate, has encouraged the workers to commit themselves to any tasks like raising rabbits, developing different crops and increase the amount of sugar cane tons per hectares.

The meeting ratified Manuel Perez as first secretary of the Communist Party in Las Tunas.

Communist Party Organization Secretary Roberto Morales addressed the significance of the internal performance of the political organization and its policy about not replacing the work of managers, but supervising their performance. For this—he added—it is necessary that party cells work appropriately and be led by the more capable members.

Over the past six years, the Communist Party in Las Tunas has been joined by over 12 thousand 300 new members which has led to the expansion in the number of local organizations.

In his closing statement of the meeting, Jorge Luis Broche, member of the Party’s Central Committee Secretariat and head of the Department for Attention to the Social Sector recalled the visits made to this province by the historic leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro, as acknowledgement of the work carried out in the eastern territory.

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