Cuban Parliament will convene workshop on the role of science

Cuban Parliament will convene workshop on the role of science
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13 April 2024
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The Secretariat and the Commission for Attention to Local Bodies of the Cuban National Assembly convened a workshop on the functioning of its structures with the use of science and innovation.

According to Miriam Brito, president of said parliamentary commission, the scientific event will analyze topics related to eliminating insufficiencies and correcting inadequate actions.

Brito specified that the presidents of municipal assemblies, permanent work commissions, popular councils and delegates with different research projects may participate in the workshop. Other colleagues linked to this legislative activity such as university professors, specialists and officials also have the possibility of attending.

She added that the general themes were distributed by provinces so that each territory contributes its best experiences.

They include the role of municipal assemblies and their bodies in controlling compliance with the economic-social strategy, food production and the quality of services for the population; the financing channels in the municipalities; participation of young people in the processes of People’s Power, limitations in community work; citizen participation, among others. 

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