Cuban music platform to offer products to foreign audiences

Cuban music platform to offer products to foreign audiences
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5 February 2022
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The Sandunga platform, dedicated to the commercialization of music-related products, almost a year after its launching in Cuba, will be launched internationally, its managers conffirmed.

The music dowloading and streaming project, which will have a new interface and integrations, will be available to foreign audiences as of February 14 , who will be able to access its several services online.

According to Yanae Naredo, specialist in Communication and marketing, the digital repository incorporates new content aggregators such as RTV Comercial, Casa Productora de Telenovelas, Instituto de Comunicación and the music magazine AMPM, in addition to the record labels already present in the platform.

Sandunga, that belongs to the Empresa de Promociones artísticas y literarias Artex S.A, will host the launching of the most recent phonogram of Duo Iris, while the virtual productc store will show the new textile line that bears the seal of Cuban musician and vocalist David Blanco, he said.

Since its foundation, the platform seeks to establish itself as the main online marketer of products with offers linked to the discography of Bis Music, Egrem and Unicornio labels, and integrates services of specialized courses.

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