Cuban Ministry of the Interior prepares for national elections

Cuban Ministry of the Interior prepares for national elections
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17 March 2023
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Havana, Mar 17 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT) is organizing the constituencies and electoral colleges so that its forces housed in the capital can vote on March 26th, the institution reported.

On the date of the election of the representatives to the National Assembly of the People’s Power, voting will begin in the Provincial Patrol Brigade at 03:00 (local time), due to the fact that a police battalion leaves at 05:00 to fulfill their tasks of the day.

23 polling stations have been organized this year, belonging to eight special constituencies where personnel of the National Revolutionary Police and other specialties of the Ministry will be voting.

In order to guarantee the correct quality of the voting process, they have used several methods such as the use of audiovisual capsules showing how the vote should be carried out and also banners with the biographies of the candidates.

The flags, the ballot boxes and all the necessary means of security are already placed in the premises where the elections will be held.

The Ministry celebrates the election process by contributing to its maintenance, in addition to security, internal order, democracy and the sovereignty of the country.

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