Cuban Medical Personnel, Hero of the Fight Against COVID-19

Cuban Medical Personnel, Hero of the Fight Against COVID-19
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1 October 2021
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The devotion of the island's medical personnel dedicated to the fight against COVID-19 will always deserve the recognition of Cubans, because after 18 months of uninterrupted work they continue to risk their lives and ensure the health of each citizen.

In this battle against death, the staff from Artemisa, young and not so young, changed their work routines and stepped away from their families to assume the responsibility of caring for the people admitted to the home, whom they arrive every day at the Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) consultations, isolation centers and hospitals to be properly diagnosed and treated.

Reinvention Time

Dargelo Sánchez Manzano, a doctor from Güira de Melena who works at the Orlando Santana polyclinic for positive patients in Mariel, explained to the Cuban News Agency that the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has demanded from these personnel a change in the way of assuming their work to face an unprecedented outbreak in a nation where the Government dedicates all the necessary resources to offer a quality medical service.

With that objective, he said, they have greatly changed their work, now diversified to treat those infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its variants without neglecting the rest of the health programs that are also vital for the protection of the population of the island.

In order to achieve the epidemiological stability of the territory, he said, a large number of workers in the sector live for weeks in isolation centers to keep track of patients with vulnerabilities, many work outside their provinces and some have even died in the care of patients, which is a faithful example of the commitment of these people with the population of the Island.

The Greatness of the New Trees

As part of this joint effort, it’s also worth highlighting the commitment of youngsters, hundreds of medical science students and recent graduates who, as in past occasions, assumed the responsibility of offering specialized care to people with the same ability of professionals who have worked their whole life, in charge of active investigations, IRA consultations, and isolation centers.

Osdanys Gutiérrez, a young doctor from Güira who has spent his first year of work in the midst of the pandemic, commented to the ACN that this attitude reflects the true worth in the training of health professionals in Cuba, where they are taught to provide their services at any time and situation required.

The truth is that when they began medical school, they never imagined to find themselves in a position where a decision determines the life or death of a patient. They always thought that they would have more time to practice before meeting those moments, but the reality is that this scenario has made them learn well and quickly, and that’s something that has only contributed good in their work development, he added.

Daichelys Ramos, graduated this year in clinical analysis and transfusion medicine, commented that the task has not been easy because there’s always a little fear taking the virus home and infecting the family, but the truth is that her performance as an active investigator since her position as a student and as part of the quick response group today, has donned her with greater respect for the profession she and her colleagues love.

That difference between contributing or not to lessen the daily numbers of people infected with the disease is what allows us to appreciate the great worth of her daily work and encourages her to take her duty with greater devotion and commitment, said the girl from Güira.

Today More Humans and Cubans

It’s true that avoidable situations have happened, and could continue to improve the conduct of home inquiries, but it’s fair to highlight how, each of them has changed their way of seeing life and fighting for it, even putting their safety at risk and without cowering despite the fact that several of these professionals have also lost the occasional battle to COVID-19.

Yakelin Oliva Pluma, a nurse from Artemisa, who has assumed responsibilities in isolation centers of the province and lent solidarity to the peoples of Andorra and Martinique, told the ACN that it’s very difficult to explain the feeling experienced after seeing a person die and that the need to avoid such moment or watch a family suffer a loss encourages them even more to save each patient.

Like these specialists, many others may have treated you both in this western province as well as in the tip of Maisí in Guantánamo, the Venezuelan hills or the city of Cremona in Italy, but no one forgets, after the stress of suffering from the disease, the name of that person, or the face behind the mask, who cared for them and who on many occasions said goodbye to them with the joy of seeing them back on their feet.

It’s because of that absolute devotion, that, despite the obstacles along the way, it can be said without any question that they are true heroes of these times, only hidden behind a mask to protect their health and not their identity, and that it has been their job, the one that today makes Cuba a safer, more immune, and happier country.

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