Cuban folkloric company attends international festival in India

Cuban folkloric company attends international festival in India
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24 November 2023
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Members of the Conjunto Nacional Folclórico de Cuba (Cuban National Folkloric Company) are participating in the 7th India International Folklore Festival in Kolkata from this Friday until November 26.

With the music and dance show “La raíz y el Tiempo” (The Root and Time), which was organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), the company, led by its director Leiván García, will close the festival, after the performance of members of the Mulualem Cultural Center of Ethiopia.

Their proposal includes traditional and contemporary expressions such as the Lucumí tradition and dances related to the Yoruba pantheon gods, Yemayá, Elegbá, and Ogún, besides son, boleros, rumbas, and casino.

According to García, the performances are not just artistic showcases but are intended to highlight the diversity of Cuba’s cultural expressions and scenes from traditional theater.

As part of efforts to strengthen cultural ties between India and Cuba, the dance music company will also perform in New Delhi on November 29 in a program organized by the Cuban Embassy in this country.

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