Cuban deputy PM held meeting with president of Canary Islands government

Cuban deputy PM held meeting with president of Canary Islands government
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7 February 2023
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Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, Cuba's deputy prime minister, met today with Angel Victor Torres Perez, president of the Government of the Canary Islands, who has been on a working visit to Cuba since February 4.

During their meeting at the Council of Ministers, Cabrisas expressed his intention that this visit becomes a milestone for the relations between Cuba and the Canary Islands, characterized by their strength and historical commitment.

Torres Perez thanked for the welcome and stressed his intention to strengthen ties with Cuba, which is home to some 65,000 descendants of Canary Islanders.

On February 5, the president of the autonomous government visited the municipality of Cabaiguan, in the province of Sancti Spiritus(central Cuba), considered the Canary Islands capital in Cuba.

In that territory he met with almost 500 people of Canary origin and announced an extraordinary allocation of 100,000 euros this year for humanitarian aid.

According to a statement published on the official website of the Canary Islands government, the assistance programs for the Canary Islands population in Cuba were increased in the General Budget of the Canary Islands for 2023, and in this way the number of beneficiaries can be raised from the current 300 to 1,500.

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