Cuban Deputies approve Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic

Cuban Deputies approve Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic
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14 December 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 14 (ACN) Deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP), in compliance with the legislative schedule, today approved the Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic in the X Ordinary Session of its IX Legislature.

Gladys Bejerano Portela, Comptroller General, pointed out that the law responds to the need to comply with the constitutional mandate that recognizes the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic as the State body in charge of overseeing the correct and transparent administration of public funds and the superior control over administrative management.

She highlighted the broad sample of criteria and proposals received by the Temporary Working Group of the Comptroller's Office and pointed out that they took into account opinions of auditees and auditors and the administrations were consulted.

The law is adapted to the new economic scenario and to the transformations of which certain entities that exercise their functions are in charge in order to guarantee the political and ideological order, in accordance with the Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development, he added.

At the Havana´s Convention Center, she said that the regulation outlines the main features of control in the Cuba, which must be systematic, efficient and rigorous at each level to prevent and control the fulfillment of the objectives set.

This legal provision grants internal and external control a fundamental role, because it ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of business entities, which, regardless of their form of ownership, are subject to compliance with the regulatory and control framework defined by law.

The regulation will contribute to a greater effectiveness in the implementation of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution to expand the possibilities of participation of managers and workers in the control processes, said Bejerano Portela.

The Comptroller General affirmed that this document is also aimed at strengthening the preventive actions exercised by the State and Government Bodies, entities, political, social and mass organizations and the people in general on administrative management, in order to promote and demand respect for legality, transparency in public management and the protection of citizens' rights.

Félix Martínez Suárez, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, said that the law updates Law No. 107 "On the Comptroller General of the Republic of Cuba" and establishes changes in the relationship of subordination of the Comptroller General to the President of the Republic and its periodicity in the rendering of accounts; regarding the direction, appointment of the head of the Comptroller General and the Deputy Comptrollers General; and incorporates the reduction of the requirement of three and five years of experience to be appointed and two years for auditors.

This law focuses on the aspects related to the requirements of the auditors, as well as the rights and disagreements of the subjects of control action, considering the right of these to resort to the courts when they presume that they were not guaranteed the due administrative procedure, he assured.

Finally, he commented that the new regulations will contribute to the creation of a culture of control and prevention of the administrations, expressions of the political will of the State and the Government to favor the achievement of the aspirations of a sovereign, independent, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable nation.

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