Cuban aircraft repaired in Russia arrives in Havana

Cuban aircraft repaired in Russia arrives in Havana
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4 December 2023
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After extensive maintenance in Russia, the IL-96 300 aircraft flew back to Cuba to join Cubana de Aviación's fleet.

The capital repair to which the airplane was subjected to for more than 14 months will allow it to take over the long-haul routes of Cuba’s flagship airline.

Cuban journalist Bernardo Espinosa, who was present at the landing on Sunday, reported that the flight from Moscow to Havana, with a stopover in Canada, took place without incidents under the procedures and protocols of international civil aviation.

Russia’s PAO-IL experts and specialists from the Cuban company Importadora de Aviación (Aviaimport S.A.) conducted the repairs.

After completing the readiness phase at the headquarters of Cubana de Aviación, the IL-96 300 plane will join the commercial operations of Cuba’s flag carrier.

The aircraft’s arrival in Havana will add to Cubana de Aviación’s efforts to rebuild its fleet, which is currently being carried out by producing spare parts adapted to international conditions.


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