Cuban academic and cultural centers evoke Fidel Castro’s legacy

Cuban academic and cultural centers evoke Fidel Castro’s legacy
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13 August 2022
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Academic and cultural institutions in Cuba have evoked the imprint of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on his 96th birthday on Saturday.

The National Center for Art Schools alluded to the leading role granted by Fidel Castro to education and referred to his speech during the closing ceremony of the 2003 Pedagogy Congress at the Karl Marx Theater on February 7, 2003.

On that occasion, Fidel Castro stressed, “I have always thought that education is one of the noblest and most humane tasks to which someone can dedicate his life. Without it there is no science, no arts, no letters; there is not and there would be no production neither economy, health, nor well-being (…)” Casa del Alba Cultural proposed as a tribute the Fidel en la Memoria (Fidel in Memory) exhibition, which was coordinated in conjunction with Fototeca de Cuba and presented on the social network of the Havana-based institution, starting at 3:00 p.m. (local time) on Friday.

The National Council of Plastic Arts highlighted the presence, greatness and strength of the lawyer and statesman in the work of renowned personalities and masters of that artistic expression, such as Servando Cabrera, Pedro de Oraa, Raul Martinez and Carmelo Gonzalez.

For its part, the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) extolled the Fidel Castro’s confidence in young people, and his ability to appreciate in them energy, responsibility, purity, heroism, character, will, love and faith in the country, useful values for the peoples of Latin America as well.

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