Cuba says punishment by US blockade is still in force

Cuba says punishment by US blockade is still in force
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20 May 2022
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Havana, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The latest measures taken by the Government of the United States regarding Cuba have not changed the punishment that is part of its blockade policy, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

On Facebook, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the bans on Cuba’s use of the dollar with the United States and third countries remain in force.

It also added that measures and efforts continue preventing supplies of vital fuels for Cuba.

Washington’s arbitrary list of more than 200 Cuban state and non-state enterprises, for which the US Government has enacted several restrictions, continues in force, the text noted.

As part of the blockade against the Cuban people, its inhabitants are denied access to more than 150 US websites, according to the message.

On Monday, the US Department of State announced the reestablishment of commercial flights to all Cuban provinces, as well as the suspension of the limit of 1,000 dollars per quarter on remittances.

In a press release, it announced the reestablishment of the family reunification program and an increase in consular services and visa processing, among other measures that Cuba considered insufficient, but on the right path.

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