Cuba presents in Vietnam realities about protests in the island

Cuba presents in Vietnam realities about protests in the island
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21 July 2021
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Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Orlando Hernandez Guillen affirmed in Hanoi on Wednesday that the recent events that took place in the island are the result of a perverse and calculated destabilization maneuver with the obvious participation of the United States.

Addressing the main Vietnamese media, the diplomat explained that before the July 11 actions, a campaign was unleashed on social media aimed at discrediting the Cuban Government.

Opportunistically, he said, they took advantage of the material difficulties our people have been subjected to due to the US blockade and the situation resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic to present Cuba as a country in chaos.

The Cuban State and Government have full control of the situation -Hernandez Guillen said- and the institutions are functioning normally, within the conditions imposed by the health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The diplomat pointed out that not only in the fight against the pandemic, but also the manipulated protests, the island has received innumerable expressions of solidarity from abroad, and especially highlighted the support from Vietnam.


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