Cuba presents book to honor Hugo Chavez

Cuba presents book to honor Hugo Chavez
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6 March 2022
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The book Venezuela: the "threat" that I knew, by Cuban journalist Bertha Mojena Milian, was presented today at the ALBA Cultural House in Havana, as part of the Chavez Forever Day, which takes place March 2 to 5.

The text, published under the Ocean Sur publishing label, compiles in five chapters a series of chronicles, photo reports and other journalistic works by Mojena Milian during her stay in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela between 2014 and 2015.

The presentation was attended by Rogelio Polanco and Joel Queipo, members of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, and heads of the Ideological and Economic departments of the Central Committee, respectively.

The author expressed that more than a diary of his stay, the work shows the strong presence of leader Hugo Chavez in his people through the social transformations he carried out until the end of his life.

Furthermore, it makes evident the realization of other Chavez's ideas by Nicolas Maduro, who later took over the presidency.

Rodolfo Romero Reyes, editor of the publication, stated that it is a book that refutes the opportunistic cliché that Venezuela is a threat, and shows it by making visible the social and humanist work it undertakes.

It is an endearing text for those of us who love Venezuela and its Revolution because it demonstrates the resistance of its people to sustain its independence and sovereignty in the face of the extraordinary situations it has faced in all senses, Raul Antonio Capote Fernandez, journalist and researcher, concluded.

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