Cuba goes with me, Festival exhibits musical art on its third day

Cuba goes with me, Festival exhibits musical art on its third day
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4 November 2023
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The 2nd Festival of Culture with Cubans Living Abroad “Cuba goes with me” is entering its third day today and for this it proposes a concert by Cuban singer-songwriter Daniel Martin at the National Theater in Havana.

Added to this presentation is the one this Sunday at the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center. In both concerts, which celebrate his three decades of artistic life, it will be accompanied by the pop rock band Partes Privadas and artists from other nations attending this cultural event.

Regarding the importance it gives to this event, Martin highlighted in an interview with Prensa Latina: participating in such a complex moment where there is so much controversy in the media, means joining the support group for everything we are as a country and a social project that, without a doubt, is focused on writing the best pages of your story.

The day before, the meeting was officially inaugurated at the National Theater with a performance by the Folkloric Ensemble, defender of the nation’s culture and traditions.

In charge of the welcoming words, the Vice Minister of Culture of the Caribbean island, Fernando Rojas, expressed that the Folklorico, founded by Fidel and Che, integrates the triad of dance expressions that the cultural policy of the Revolution stimulated from the beginning.

As has been said, the festival is an example of the links between Cuban institutions and the artists and writers of our country who reside anywhere in the world, who recognize the values and entity of our culture, to which their works belong, Rojas meant.

Convened by the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean island, ‘Cuba goes with me’ began this Thursday and will run until November 12, with the participation of various Cuban artists residing in 14 countries, who will offer music, dance and theater performances, they will also present exhibitions, books and films.

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