Cuba evokes legacy of Combattant Vilma Espin

Cuba evokes legacy of Combattant Vilma Espin
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7 April 2024
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel evoked on Sunday the legacy of the unforgettable former president of the Women's Federation Vilma Espin, whose life summarizes the most genuine values of Cuban women.

On Sunday, the heroine would have fulfilled 94 years, so that on her birth anniversary the President of the National Assembly of People’s Power – Parliament Esteban Lazo posted on X that Espin is a symbol and byword of the Cuban woman; furthermore, the Cuban Code of Families contains her contributions.

Lazo recalled the phrase of the historic leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro by noting that, “Vilma’s example is today more necessary than ever. She devoted her whole life to fight for women.”

Meanwhile, Cuba’s Prime Minister Manuel Marrero described Espin as a heroine of the plains and the mountains. “She was an excellent daughter, mother, wife, grandmother and revolutionary dedicated to the service of her country,” the PM deemed.

On April 7, 1930, Espin was born, who devoted her whole life to defend the rights of women and to think and build up a fairer country.

In her youth, she actively participated in the 26th of July Revolutionary Movement and in the struggle against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1958).

Alias Deborah, Espin was a notable clandestine combattant led by Frank Pais, especially during the uprising of November 30, 1956, in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

The further renowned chemical engineer took her scientific knowledge to practical actions for society’s sake, and since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on January 1, 1959, Espin led the main political actions of the country to come true the full access of women to their rights.

For her work in this field, Vilma Espin is recognized as the unforgettable president of the Federation of Cuban Women.


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